Monitor Construction Progress in 3D: Time and Cost Saving Workflows You Need to Know

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Save time, catch mistakes, and reduce travel needs with Reconstruct’s Top 3 3D Reality Workflows for Construction.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar as we walk through some of our most successful construction workflows and live project examples:

CREATE 2D AND 3D AS-BUILT MODELS Capture your existing structures with drone and/or 360° camera to create measurable models in one day.

COMMUNICATE PROGRESS IN 3D Remove communication barriers between site and office. Knock out progress reporting with digital site walks.

NEXT LEVEL QUALITY MONITORING Catch mistakes before they become significant rework. On-site and remote teams can review quality with drawing and BIM overlay.


Neal Patel

Neal Patel

Product Marketing Manager

Nick Cundari

Nick Cundari

Customer Success Manager

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