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8 months ago

Generative AI: The Past, Present, and Future


Despite Generative AI being part of the wider public consciousness for less than a year it has already had an explosive impact on the world. It has disrupted the workplace as we know it, paving the way for increased business productivity, speedier data analysis, and an evolution of job roles (plus the introduction of new ones!). As the world wakes up to the potential of Generative AI, it’s no wonder some are saying that these are the distinct markers of a new industrial revolution. But what more is to come?

With the help of Matt Frank, Ancoris' Chief AI & Innovation Officer, and Marc Morgan, Ancoris' Principal Data & AI Engineer Lead, we'll be discussing:

  • How did we get here? The evolution of Gen AI and how it’s been driving change across industries
  • What has it meant for the workplace? The opportunities Gen AI is opening for enterprises and how Google has created leading edge tools to help them leverage maximum benefit 
  • What must we think about if we want to get the most out of Gen AI? The factors that we have to consider as this tech unfolds  
  • Where do we go from here? What a Gen AI future looks like and how we can keep pace with it


Matt Frank

Matt Frank

Chief AI and Innovation Officer

Matt is an expert in building, managing, and running cloud platforms for Enterprise organisations. Formerly at the Bank of England and Sky where he was responsible for the organisations data platforms, and at KPMG where he managed a team of Cloud and DevOps Engineers, Matt has robust experience helping organisations adopt, manage and secure cloud technology to drive innovation and efficiency.

Marc  Morgan

Marc Morgan

Principal Data and AI Engineer Lead

Marc is a data and analytics expert leading Ancoris' Data & AI team, specialising in modernising data platforms, enhancing data insights, and developing machine learning and AI services for businesses. Also a Chartered Accountant and formally at PwC and AlixPartners, Marc is passionate about helping businesses find commercial solutions applying his extensive experience in data, analytics, and consulting.