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3 months ago

Unleashing the Potential of Gen AI in Transport: Insights from Interchange 2024


Join us for a thought-provoking webinar as we reflect on Interchange 2024, the leading event that connects key stakeholders from the transport, energy, property and technology sectors. 

In this webinar, we will share our key takeaways from the two-day event and explore how you can apply these insights to your own organisation. We will also discuss the potential benefits of implementing Generative AI and geolocation, where to start with use case identification, and share some real life success stories.

Join Ancoris and Google Cloud as they discuss:

  • Key takeaways from Interchange 2024
  • What AI can tangibly mean for the sector and how to cut through the hype
  • How Google’s robust AI stack is purpose built for enterprise with a focus on security and data privacy
  • Opportunities for stakeholders to automate, optimise, and innovate with AI


Shaun Hudson

Shaun Hudson

Google Cloud and Maps Platform - Principal Consultant, Ancoris

Shaun has led the integration of Google Maps and Cloud technology for public sector and transport organisations nationwide. He thrives on helping organisations discover the hidden value within their geospatial data; enabling them to leverage location intelligence for smarter decision making, optimised operations and a more connected future.

Matt Frank

Matt Frank

Chief AI and Innovation Officer

Matt is an expert in building, managing, and running cloud platforms for Enterprise organisations. Formerly at the Bank of England and Sky where he was responsible for the organisations data platforms, and at KPMG where he managed a team of Cloud and DevOps Engineers, Matt has robust experience helping organisations adopt, manage and secure cloud technology to drive innovation and efficiency.

Chacasta  Pritlove

Chacasta Pritlove

Head of Transport, UK Public Sector, Google Cloud