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6 months ago

Bedrock Parents' Information Evening - Primary


Our first Bedrock Parents' Information Evening for primary learners is the perfect chance for you to get to know Bedrock a little more - and the reasons why so many schools are partnering with us!

We know that a child's education is not just about school, and that support from people at home can make a huge difference to their progress.

In this session we'll be covering:

  • What Bedrock is and why it is such an exciting and unique platform
  • Why it's important for your child to use Bedrock
  • How you can support your child in their learning

Looking for a parents' evening for secondary schools? Register for or watch the replay for our secondary parents' evening here.


Emily Newton

Emily Newton

Teaching & Learning Consultant

Emily’s role within our team of Teaching & Learning consultants allows her to work closely with our schools to ensure that Bedrock remains responsive to their needs and curriculum objectives. Before joining Bedrock, Emily worked as a year 4 teacher in East London and a Head of English at a prominent International school.