[Mapper Masterclass] How sequencing vocabulary supports classroom learning

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When planning your subject-specific vocabulary curriculum, how can you utilise Mapper's new features to make your sequencing faster than ever? Following from this, how can you ensure your vocabulary curriculum forges a link between Mapper and the classroom?

Join Ellie Ashton, Senior English Specialist and Mapper Product Manager, as she walks through step-by-step how to prioritise literacy in every subject using Mapper.

This free session will cover:

  • What is the new sequencing functionality?
  • How does sequencing work?
  • How can sequencing be used to influence teaching?

The recording will be available after the webinar finishes, so feel free to register even if you can't join live!

For step-by-step guidance on how to start configuring your classes, building and sequencing your curriculum and tracking data, check out Ellie’s previous masterclass.



Ellie Ashton

Senior English Specialist and Mapper Product Manager

Replay is now available to watch