[T&L Webinar] Assessing pupil needs to target support

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To target teaching and support for every learner, teachers must be able to assess their individual needs accurately.

But how can teachers gain an accurate picture of what each learner needs? How can assessing learners’ needs help to tailor support in the classroom?

Join Senior English Specialist Ellie Ashton as she deep dives into this topic through the following questions:

  1. What is targeted teaching and support?
  2. How can you accurately assess the needs of each pupil at your school?
  3. So what practical actions can you take to ensure targeted teaching, hence improving literacy across the whole school?

This research-driven, evidence-based webinar is bound to be a lively discussion, suitable for you no matter where you are in your literacy journey.


Ellie Ashton

Ellie Ashton

Senior English Specialist

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