[T&L Webinar] High quality interventions for struggling pupils

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Key Stage 2 is a crucial period for literacy development. Pupils learn many foundational skills for reading and writing in KS1, but must build on these foundations in KS2 to become skilled readers and writers, equipped to take on the challenges of secondary school learning.

But what should you do if your learners struggle with new literacy content and fall behind set targets?

Following her previous webinar on targeted teaching and support, Senior English Specialist Ellie Ashton explores how structured interventions can support struggling learners with their literacy through the following questions:

  1. What do high-quality structured interventions look like in the classroom?
  2. How can you implement structured interventions to help learners who struggle with their literacy?
  3. So what practical steps can you take to ensure struggling learners are well supported?

This research-driven, evidence-based webinar is bound to be a lively discussion, suitable for you no matter where you are in your literacy journey.


Ellie Ashton

Ellie Ashton

Senior English Specialist

Replay is now available to watch