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7 days ago

The Rise of Platform Engineering


Platform engineering has been on the rise the last few years and has been critical within software development practices. The discipline focuses on designing, building and maintaining internal developer platforms. However, this practice has not always been the smoothest, and many organizations have failed to seamlessly integrate platform engineering into their organizations. In this webinar you will learn where Platform engineering sits within modern organizations, how it has affected development organizations, and how to scale platform engineering in the future. Our panel will discuss how it has gone right, and where it has gone wrong. Joining us will be senior engineers from some of the top organizations worldwide.

What you’ll learn:

  • The underlying goals of platform engineering
  • How to best approach platform engineering
  • How to seamlessly integrate platform engineering into your organizations
  • How best to design and build a platform team
  • The pitfalls of platform engineering
  • The future of platform engineering



Adam Shott

Director of Engineering, App Platforms @ New York Times

Siddhant Soni

Siddhant Soni

Staff Software Engineer @ Rippling

Stephen Ochs

Stephen Ochs

Head of Demand Generation @ Bitrise