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about 2 months ago

Redundant on Parental Leave: What’s next?


Recently Creative Natives published a post sharing our frustration about agencies and brands in the creative and advertising industry making parents redundant on maternity leave.

The post went viral.

We had thousands of comments and stories being shared from parents who have been through this it's absolutely brutal and we want it to stop.

Join us on Thursday the 9th of May at 12pm AEST as founder of Creative Natives Ryan Kelly sits down with Mikhaila Warburton, fellow recruiter from Creative Natives as well as a Career Coach for Mums who has experienced this exact thing.

We want people to tune into this conversation to give some support on how you can navigate through this if it happens to you, companies to listen and understand the crippling impact this can have on your culture and brand and we want to create some action!

So come along, register and help us make some positive change for return to work parents and make this industry friggen better.


Mikhaila Warburton

Mikhaila Warburton

Creative Consultant at Creative Natives

Mikhaila has been in the recruitment game for close to 15 years and she's also started her own successful coaching business for return to work parents, helping them to find themselves again. She started the coaching business after she was made redundant whilst on maternity leave herself. So she's taken her 15 years of career coaching, brand building skills and helped thousands of parents work on their mindset, confidence and skills helping them to build careers and businesses of their dreams.