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3 months ago

Are you stranded on a digital island in a sea of data?


In the digital era, data is king.

A robust understanding of your organisation's data landscape is absolutely vital for making informed decisions that keep you ahead of the competition. Yet, as businesses accelerate, data management often lags behind, resulting in data being isolated in 'digital islands.' This disconnect not only slows down operations but also makes accessing and analysing data a daunting task, pushing teams to the tedious task of recreating data from the ground up.

But you're not alone in facing these challenges!

Nowadays, people have more data than they know what to do with. Organisations with a robust data strategy can:

🏝 Identify and map out isolated data reserves.

πŸ“ˆ Enhance data accessibility and awareness.

πŸ” Generate insights from disconnected systems.

πŸ€– Leverage AI for innovative solutions.

πŸ’ͺ🏻 Craft comprehensive data management strategies to unite these disparate elements.

In our panel discussion, we will explore these topics, discuss examples from various industries, and look at possible solutions. We will also consider the promise and limitations of AI. Come ready for a fast-paced, pragmatic look at data management and solutions, and leave with actionable insights.

Sign up today to close the data divide, comprehend its consequences, and identify when AI can be your game-changer.


Wolfgang Schwerdt

Wolfgang Schwerdt

Senior Data Scientist at International Committee of The Red Cross

Peter  Shone

Peter Shone

Chief Technology Officer at iEthico

Isabelle  Widmer

Isabelle Widmer

CEO at Elytra Consulting