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over 1 year ago

Agricultural Water Management Webinar


Agricultural Water Management - Best Practices

Knowing when, where and how much to irrigate can reduce cost and increase crop yields. Using tools like sensors, weather forecasts and satellite imagery can help to gain a grip on your water. Learn about using the tools available to get the most out of your fields.

Our experts will cover a variety of topics relating to best practices for agricultural water management. Here’s what can you expect to learn from this webinar:

Why is it relevant to think about water management?

  • Water scarcity
  • Rising labour and water costs

How it was irrigation done in the past

What are the problems with the traditional way

  • Generic strategy
  • Soil influences in water holding capacity

What do you need to solve those problems

  • Irrigation strategy per field/zone
  • Identify these zones -> satellite/sensors

Hardware you can use for precision irrigation

Water risk assessments based on water retention curves

How farmers can practically benefit from better water management

Case study examples Agricultural water management tools needed to make fact-based irrigation decisions

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Dewald de Vos

Dewald de Vos

USA and South Africa Partnership Manager - Farm21

Maximilian Freier

Maximilian Freier

Global Partnership Manager - Farm21

Technology Advisor for the Food & Agriculture industry