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4 months ago

JigSpace: Onboarding & Training Webinar


Unlock the Power of 3D Presentations with our upcoming onboarding webinar

Dive into the world of JigSpace in our upcoming webinar, designed to enhance your business communications with engaging 3D presentations.

In this compact session, we’ll cover:

  • Introduction to JigSpace
  • Implementing Jigs in your business
  • Creating & sharing Jigs tutorial
  • Jig Spatial App on Apple Vision Pro
  • Live Q&A

Why Join? Get equipped to bring your presentations to life in 3D, learn from the experts, and see JigSpace in action on Apple Vision Pro. Ideal for professionals across all sectors looking to elevate their presentation game.

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Maddie Clunies-Ross

Maddie Clunies-Ross

Head of Customer Success

Laura Hales

Laura Hales

Lead 3D Artist & Content Creator