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7 months ago

Navigating 5G Security Realities: Readiness, Priorities, and Market Insights


Join our exclusive webinar as we delve into the dynamic landscape of 5G security. As the industry hurtles towards a 5G-enabled future, understanding the nuances of security readiness, market realities, and prioritized strategies is crucial. Our panel of experts will provide invaluable insights, offering a comprehensive overview of the current state of 5G security. From assessing your organization's readiness to identifying market trends and prioritizing security measures, this webinar equips you with the knowledge to thrive in the era of 5G. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of 5G security innovation.


Philippe  Langlois

Philippe Langlois


30 years experience in Security and particularly in Network security. Formerly founder of Worldnet, Intrinsec and Qualys (NASDAQ)

Martin Kacer

Martin Kacer

Security Researcher

Martin Kacer is a Security Researcher. He made several key contributions to GSMA security guidelines related to interconnect signalling of mobile networks and was a member of the GSMA FASG working group calling for the 5G interconnect security. He is the author of open-source Signalling firewall and was designing the telecom signalling threat intelligence, IDS-es, signalling vulnerability scanners, fraud detection, and in the past developing network elements and signalling probes. He conducted many security missions such as pentests and security audits in the Telecom domain.