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25 days ago

New release: QCSuper v2.0


Presentation of the new version of our OpenSource tool - QCSuper

QCSuper is a tool which enables, for research purposes, to capture the contents of radio communication exchanges between your phone's antenna and your Mobile Operator's radio network (RAN).

QCSuper has enabled many telecom, mobile and security researchers to perform an analysis of the radio packets (frames) through saving these to the Packet Capture File format (PCAP, with GSMTAP encapsulation) and enabling to use the great Wireshark tool to conduct analysis and research.


Philippe  Langlois

Philippe Langlois


30 years experience in Security and particularly in Network security. Formerly founder of Worldnet, Intrinsec and Qualys (NASDAQ)

Marin Moulinier

Marin Moulinier

QC Super builder @ Security Engineer