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9 months ago

What is Intrusion Detection for Mobile Network Security ?


Deep dive with world renowned experts on the use, impact and future of intrusion detection on the specific protocol standards of the Telecom world. 


Philippe  Langlois

Philippe Langlois


30 years experience in Security and particularly in Network security. Formerly founder of Worldnet, Intrinsec and Qualys (NASDAQ)

Karim Gharoual

Karim Gharoual

Telecom Security Expert

Karim is a security researcher and auditor. He serves as a member of the P1 Security team, specifically as a key contributor to the PTA (P1 Telecom Auditor) telecom-specific active scanner development team. Through his experience in security assessment and development, Karim has honed his skills in risk analysis. Leveraging his understanding of mobile networks, Karim conducts Audits and Penetration Tests, delivering comprehensive evaluations of system vulnerabilities. He is actively involved in maintaining and enhancing P1 Security's P1 Telecom Auditor and Fuzzer tools. By closely aligning these tools with the evolving needs and technological advancements of P1 Security's clientele, Karim ensures that they remain at the forefront of cutting-edge security solutions.