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20 days ago

Electronically Supplied Services and VAT


Are you a business established outside the EU and/or UK?

Are you a business supplying Electronically Supplied Services B2C i.e. retail sales?

Are you a business providing any of the following services online?

• Online training,

• Web design

• Web hosting

• Apps

• Streaming services (music, videos, content)

• Online databases

If you are the VAT place of supply rules in this field are exceptions to the general rules which mean that often businesses fail to register and account for VAT on these types of supplies when they have an obligation to do so.

Did you know that there can be serious consequences for businesses that fail to account for their VAT accurately?

At this free webinar hosted by our VAT team we will help you to understand the following and consider what actions you might need to take:

What falls within the scope of Electronically Supplied Services?

What are the consequences of this from a VAT perspective?

What risks does a business face? (We will use a recent client case study to help explain this in more detail).

How we typically advise on the nature of supplies and the resulting obligations

What help might you need to manage the risk?

Should you register for UK VAT and what are your compliance obligations?


Kelly Eland

Kelly Eland

VAT Partner

Kelly is a VAT professional with over 20 years of experience. She joined KPMG in 1999 where she qualified and worked within the VAT practice until 2013.

Kelly also has experience working in-house (Tesco, Charterhouse) and over the past five years has worked as an independent VAT consultant. Kelly focuses on planning and advisory work and specialises in VAT exemptions and reliefs, whilst also working across all sectors.

She advises that “any change in business structure, supply chains or the nature of the goods or services sold is likely to impact the VAT profile of the business, with any mistakes potentially having a major impact on the bottom line. VAT, like other taxes, can be daunting but my aim is to break it down into something that is clear and easy for businesses to deal with.”

Kelly is a member of the VAT Practitioners Group.

Alex Raynes

Alex Raynes

VAT Manager

Alex is a VAT expert who works across all sectors with a particular focus on land and property issues. He prides himself on providing creative solutions to clients seeking to optimise their VAT position.

Also a member of the VAT Practitioners Group, both Alex and Kelly stay abreast of current issues and how they will impact on their clients.