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3 months ago

SustainlyTalks 1.3: Navigating in ClimateTech Returns: Sustainability vs Profitability


Join us in this short episode as we uncover the delicate balance between sustainability and profitability in traditional industries like mining and how startups can seize the opportunity to disrupt.

Learn about the crucial role of investors and ecosystem support in propelling startups forward:

  • Balancing Sustainability and Profitability: Explore the delicate equilibrium between sustainability and profitability in traditional industries such as mining, emphasizing how startups can disrupt these sectors.
  • Importance of Investors and Ecosystem Support: Discuss the significant role of investors and ecosystem support in advancing startups and navigating the challenging landscape of sustainability and profitability.
  • Clean Energy and Climate Solutions: Focus on clean energy, waste reduction, and innovative climate solutions for a more sustainable future, highlighting the need for holistic approaches to address climate challenges effectively.


Anamika Mukherjee

Anamika Mukherjee

Partner Sustainability Venture Fund at BDC

Anamika Mukherjee is a Partner at BDC Capital's Sustainability Venture Fund and a decarbonization thought leader in Canada.

Previously, she was the global head of technology development at Cenovus Energy. Anamika has also been involved in various multi-stakeholder, provincial, and federal environmental policy negotiations.

She has received several awards for her contributions, including the Young Women in Energy Award for climate change innovation in 2015, and two Deputy Minister's Awards from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada in 2018. In 2022, she was featured by the Canada West Foundation as a thought leader in decarbonization and energy transition.