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about 1 year ago

S1E4: Obaid Durrani — Head of Content @HockeyStack


Welcome to The Game Show!

We're back for Episode 4, with a brand-new contender:

Obaid Durrani — Head of Content @HockeyStack

This episode will release on April 19th at 1:00pm GMT

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What is The Game Show?

The Game Show asks Growth and Marketing leaders the hottest questions in a rapid-fire format. Fun, exciting, and under 30 minutes. Tune in for answers you won’t get anywhere else.
The best contenders will win a prize. But more importantly, bragging rights! So make sure you support your favorite contenders by watching until the end.

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Obaid Durrani

Obaid Durrani

Head of Content @HockeyStack

Maxim Poulsen

Maxim Poulsen

Host @The Game Show

Maxim Filippov

Maxim Filippov

Co-host @The Game Show