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šŸ’” Getting started with webinars: Webcams, Mics, Lights and more..

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Everyone's biggest worry: how do I get started with webinars and what should my setup look like? Which webcam should I get, microphone and maybe even a light? Specifically, we'll look at streaming from home. We'll host another session on streaming from the office.

So in this chat, we'll casually walk you through our setup and what we think you need to get started. Small hint, it's not much if you're using a good streaming studio.

What you will get from this

  • Our setups and how much they cost
  • What we think is worth buying and what is not
  • How you can look great online with 0 costs

Join this session live to ask all of your questions, we'll not leave one question unanswered. Of course, this session will also be available on replay for the people that can't make it.

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Tim Minton

Tim Minton

Co-founder @ Contrast

Luuk de Jonge

Luuk de Jonge

Product @ Contrast