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20 days ago

[Webinar] How to Build Relationships With Developers

Are you a security leader struggling to connect meaningfully with your developers? šŸ¤” Join our guest, Dustin Lehr, Senior Director of Platform Security and Deputy CISO at Fivetran and a co-founder at Katilyst Security, for a webinar on the challenges of building relationships with your developers. During this live discussion, our experts will explore the essential aspects of building strong relationships with developers. They will address common challenges and discuss best practices for fostering effective communication and collaboration: Earning Developers' Respect: Discover strategies to gain the respect of developers by understanding their needs and speaking their language. Introducing Gamification: Learn how to incorporate gamification into your security initiatives to engage and motivate developers effectively. Building a Successful Security Champion Program: Get practical advice on establishing and maintaining a Security Champion program that empowers developers to take ownership of security practices. Winning Developers Over with Actionable Remediation Advice: Understand how providing developers with detailed, actionable remediation advice can foster collaboration and enhance security efforts. If you want to build a great relationship with your development team, this webinar is for you! Our goal is to make this webinar highly engaging, so don't be shy! Come and ask your questions via chat! šŸ˜‰
Dustin Lehr
Alexandra Charikova