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39 min
over 1 year ago

🎙 Use Video to Scale a B2B audience fast with Jérémy Goillot


In our very first episode of "How do you contrast?" we invite Jérémy Goillot, founder of Growth.Talent to take the stage.

We'll chat with him about everything growth and specifically how Growth.Talent helps people launch and accelerate their growth career.

If you want to learn more about Jérémy, here's his LinkedIn. For all Growth.Talent their previous webinars, you can check them out on their Space.

Tune in live and ask your questions. And as always, available on Replay.

👋 Your friends at Contrast

(BTW, this session will be in English)


Jérémy Goillot

Jérémy Goillot

Founder @ Growth.Talent

Max Filippov

Max Filippov

Business @ Contrast