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5 months ago

AMA with Louis Diez _ Building a thriving alumni community


In this session, we talk to the brilliant Louis Deiz, who is the VP of Community at Almabase, and the host of the Donor Participation Project. He's a seasoned fundraising leader with a decade of experience under his belt.

We discuss the key elements that make an alumni community successful. We also go over his exciting career so far, his involvement with the Donor Participation Project, and some exciting anecdotes.


Kalyan  Varma

Kalyan Varma

CEO, Almabase

Kalyan has previously delivered sessions at CASE and Blackbaud conferences and is the creator of the popular LinkedIn series #30daysofadvancementideas. He is deeply passionate about alumni centricity, and the power alumni have in democratizing quality education for everyone.

Kalyan recently delivered a keynote at a TedX event, where he spoke about the role alumni have in shaping the future of education as we know it.


Louis Diez

Host and Founder @ Donor Participation Project