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5 months ago

Best Practices to Engage your International Alumni


International students have long been an important part of campus life, but few institutions make the most of the international alumni of their institutions. Developing international alumni networks is no cakewalk for advancement teams. With different time zones, locations, and schedules, building a mutually rewarding relationship with your international alumni can be a task.

So how can you create a meaningful bond with your international alumni, and bring them closer to their alma mater?

To tackle this challenge, we spoke to Stephanie Veit, an International Advancement Expert.

Here’s what you'll walk away with by watching the recording:

👉 Tried-and-tested ways to engage your international alumni who are spread across multiple time zones.

👉 Creative hybrid and virtual event ideas to add to your international alumni engagement strategy.

👉 How to create global career opportunities through your international alumni network.

👉 Actionable steps to get started with your international alumni engagement journey


Kalyan  Varma

Kalyan Varma

CEO, Almabase

Kalyan has previously delivered sessions at CASE and Blackbaud conferences and is the creator of the popular LinkedIn series #30daysofadvancementideas. He is deeply passionate about alumni centricity, and the power alumni have in democratizing quality education for everyone.

Kalyan recently delivered a keynote at a TedX event, where he spoke about the role alumni have in shaping the future of education as we know it.


Stephanie Veit

ex-Assistant Vice President, Integrative Medicine, Office of Institutional Advancement @ Thomas Jefferson University