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3 months ago

How Michigan Ross Crafted a Successful Mentorship Program


So, you're probably no stranger to the idea of setting up a mentorship program. It boosts engagement and is super impactful. But let's face it, keeping that momentum going can be tough. Whether you're into flash mentoring, peer-to-peer, or group setups, each comes with its own set of challenges.

Michigan Ross has nailed it with its Alumni In Residence program. They connect their current students with alumni mentors right on campus, focusing on quick one-on-one flash mentorships.

We'll dive into how they kicked it off, set it up, and kept the ball rolling. From finding the perfect mentor matches to measuring success and avoiding common pitfalls, we've got you covered.

Here's what we'll talk about:

  1. About Michigan Ross' mentorship program
  2. How to match alumni and students effectively
  3. Common pitfalls to watch out for
  4. Why flash mentorships could be super helpful



Caitlin  Johnson

Caitlin Johnson

Director of Alumni Engagement

Cecelia  Nash

Cecelia Nash

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

Ankit  Sharma

Ankit Sharma

Host, Almabase