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3 months ago

Leveraging Automation and AI to Secure Your Next Major Gift


Join us for an exclusive session on April 25th at 11AM EDT, where Tuskegee University, a beacon of excellence and history, takes center stage to unveil how they are revolutionizing the major gift fundraising landscape through automation and AI.

Soliciting major gifts has always been a nuanced art, often requiring years of meticulous effort and relationship-building. However, the tides are changing. With cutting-edge automation tools and artificial intelligence, there's an unparalleled opportunity to streamline these efforts, enhancing efficiency and the overall success rate in securing significant donors.

This webinar is essential for advancement leaders keen on digitally transforming their fundraising strategies. Discover how integrating AI and a robust tech stack can not only supercharge your major gift fundraising efforts but also significantly elevate your prospects' likelihood to give.

Introducing Tuskegee University: Established in 1881, Tuskegee is a private, historically Black land-grant university in Alabama. Designated as a National Historic Site, it's known for its excellence and contribution to African American education, especially in STEM fields.

In this webinar, you'll gain insights into:

Practical Use Cases: How to effectively use AI and Automation across various advancement departments—development, advancement services, communications, and annual funds—to boost efficiency and personalization.

The Tuskegee Advantage: How a 12-person advancement team is making significant strides, showcasing that with the right technology, even small teams can achieve monumental impact.

Strategy in Action: Learn how Tuskegee University leverages AI to enable their gift officers to manage more prospects effectively, making the institution appear larger than its size and executing campaigns with unprecedented efficiency.

🎁 P.S. You will receive our exclusive upcoming "Advancement Playbook" after the event!


Phillip Howard

Phillip Howard

Vice President of Development at Tuskegee University

Phillip Howard is the Vice President of Development at Tuskegee University, renowned for his innovative leadership in higher education. With extensive experience in advancement strategies, goal setting, and operations, Howard has played a pivotal role in institutional growth through his expertise in strategy development and thought leadership. His career highlights include not just fundraising but also marketing, brand development, strategic planning, and community engagement, emphasizing values like integrity, compassion, and justice to support the institution's mission and vision.

Howard's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with his dedication to lifelong learning, makes him a dynamic force in advancing the priorities of the advancement division and the wider campus community. His ability to forge strong relationships across diverse constituencies has notably enhanced the institution's impact and philanthropy efforts.

Kalyan  Varma

Kalyan Varma

CEO, Almabase

Kalyan has previously delivered sessions at CASE and Blackbaud conferences and is the creator of the popular LinkedIn series #30daysofadvancementideas. He is deeply passionate about alumni centricity, and the power alumni have in democratizing quality education for everyone.

Kalyan recently delivered a keynote at a TedX event, where he spoke about the role alumni have in shaping the future of education as we know it.