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8 months ago

Small Shops, Big Impact: Scaling Up Philanthropy


In philanthropy, the impact of smaller organizations cannot be understated. While large-scale philanthropic initiatives often take the limelight, smaller organizations often embody the heart and soul of giving. 💫

We had a chat with William Miller, CEO of The Kean University Foundation Inc, to discuss:

👉🏽 How Kean University Foundation's Development Team Works.

👉🏽 How the Team Grew from 4 to 12 Members.

👉🏽 Different Growth Stages of the Team.

👉🏽 Creative Ways for Smaller Organizations to Develop.

👉🏽 Success stories: How the team secured major gifts as they scaled


Ankit  Sharma

Ankit Sharma

Host, Almabase


William Miller

Chief Executive Officer @ The Kean University Foundation Inc.