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8 months ago

Bedrock Parents' Information Evening - Secondary


Our first Bedrock Parents' Information Evening for secondary learners is the perfect chance for you to get to know Bedrock a little more - and the reasons why so many schools are partnering with us!

We know that a child's education is not just about school, and that support from people at home can make a huge difference to their progress.

In this session we'll be covering:

  • What Bedrock is and why it is such an exciting and unique platform
  • Why it's important for your child to use Bedrock
  • How you can support your child in their learning

Looking for a parents' evening for primary schools? Register for or watch the replay for our primary parents' evening here.


Andy Sammons

Andy Sammons

Dep. Head of Teaching & Learning

Andy supports in leading Bedrock’s team of Teaching & Learning consultants and is responsible for ensuring that we remain responsive to the needs of our partner schools. Before joining Bedrock, he was Associate Assistant Principal and Director of English, overseeing the redesign of a rigorous and robust English curriculum.