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12 months ago

Grab Your Audience’s Attention (and never let go)


Creating B2B webinars?

Grab Your Audience’s Attention (and never let go)

See how professional B2B webinar writers manage the Attention-Persuasion-Action cycle

Two companies, Contrast and The Best Damn Webinar Co., know more about B2B webinar audience attention than anyone else.

One is inventing the new user interface of live B2B events, the other is the change agent of B2B webinar content in 2023.

In this event, Dean Waye from The Best Damn Webinar Co. will show how pro webinar writers grab and keep a business audience’s attention, and discuss with Tim Minton how Contrast’s newest tools help you keep it.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to leverage the Pre-Audience Anecdote, Courtesy Attention Timers, Gaps & Cold Opens to grab attention in those critical first 5 minutes of any B2B webinar
  • Lessons about restructuring the order of your content, from observing hundreds of live webinar audiences
  • Why agendas are bad in traditional/hybrid webinars, but critical (and criminally underused) in interview-style webinars
  • When to include a Housekeeping section in your webinars
  • Tips and techniques for making an audience want to stay with you

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This is a series of 4 episodes. We'll make sure you get the next ones too.


Dean Waye

Dean Waye

Runs over 200 B2B Webinars a year

Dean has written for over a thousand live B2B marketing and sales events, in-person and online. His company produces webinars for “clients that sell something complicated”.

Tim Minton

Tim Minton

Cofounder and Product at Contrast

Tim is co-founder at Contrast. He leads product and will be the host of this session.