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about 1 year ago

What Does A Webinar Audience Think & Feel?


How To Get Inside Your Audience’s Head

What Does A Webinar Audience Think & Feel?

In Episode #1, we learned how to get and keep people’s attention.

Now, in episode #2, we walk through the thoughts, questions, and feelings every B2B audience has.

To move your audience toward your Call to Action, you need to anticipate what they want to know and feel, and be ready when they get there.

From the first minutes to the final pitch, see how a professional webinar writer guides and nudges audiences. So performing the Call to Action becomes “what people like us do”.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why “The Hero’s Journey” doesn’t work in B2B (and a narrative structure that does)
  • The 7 key thoughts and feelings every audience should experience
  • How to build interest, curiosity, and determination in your audiences
  • How to create a Call to Action that works

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This is a series of 4 episodes. We'll make sure you get the next ones too.


Dean Waye

Dean Waye

Runs over 200 B2B Webinars a year

Dean has written for over a thousand live B2B marketing and sales events, in-person and online. His company produces webinars for “clients that sell something complicated”.

Tim Minton

Tim Minton

Cofounder and Product at Contrast

Tim is co-founder at Contrast. He leads product and will be the host of this session.