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12 months ago

What are YOUR toughest webinar problems?


Live Q&A with Dean

Get answers to your toughest webinar problems

“Our technical people are boring.”

“No one responds to our pitch.”

“I can't get anyone at my company to change what we’re doing.”

“My boss thinks webinars are just content.”

This session, our final of four(!) is your chance to get blunt, tactical, practical answers.

In a completely open, no-holds-barred Q&A, Dean Waye ( is taking on any question.

Whatever you’re dealing with, Dean has dealt with it. Whatever failed, Dean failed at it too. And whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, Dean has helped someone achieve it.

Come armed with your question, or email it ahead of time using this form, and together we’ll get you back on track.

👋 Tim & Dean


Tim Minton

Tim Minton

Cofounder and Product at Contrast

Tim is co-founder at Contrast. He leads product and will be the host of this session.

Dean Waye

Dean Waye

Runs over 200 B2B Webinars a year

Dean has written for over a thousand live B2B marketing and sales events, in-person and online. His company produces webinars for “clients that sell something complicated”.