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7 months ago

Cost vs. Value: Managing the Costs & Benefits of Talent Relocation


Join us for this engaging online event, where we will explore how to find the perfect balance between costs and benefits and help you build a successful talent relocation strategy.

With talent being scarce, looking across borders remains one of the key strategies to achieve hiring targets. However, with companies being more cost-aware, it's also crucial to understand the costs and benefits of hiring talent from abroad.

In this online session, you will:

  • Learn how to navigate the costs and benefits of relocating international talent
  • Find out how companies, big and small, are currently handling relocation
  • Get valuable, research-backed insights on relocation costs and their broader effects


Marieke Van Iperen

Marieke Van Iperen

CEO and Co-Founder at Settly

Marieke is the CEO and Co-Founder of Settly, a digital relocation solution. Before Settly, she worked in HR Leadership and Recruitment roles for 15+ years across the globe for Uber, Starbucks, PwC, Manpower & Nike.

At Settly, Marieke helps companies attract, and retain international talent through its relocation and soft landing platform. As a trusted advisor for companies such as Miro, Personio, Dept, Optiver, and Bynder, she is well-placed to share market insights, and best practices to help HR teams create winning strategies for international talent.

Ingeborg van Harten

Ingeborg van Harten

Founder of 7People

Ingeborg is the founder of 7people, an innovative People & Culture consultancy. During her career she has helped a number of unicorns to grow and is known for her love for employer branding.

Ingeborg makes companies attractive from the inside and outside, and is a trusted advisor to many founding teams in the Netherlands. Her mission is to build irresistible organizations. Prior to founding 7people, Ingeborg spent 15+ years in global HR roles. Having lived in 6 countries, she gained unique insights into what it takes to build successful teams.