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3 months ago

eCom Unity x Beilmann Marketing: The Two Levers To Build & Scale Google Ads Beyond Your Bottom Line


Google has changed. If you want to grow properly as an eCommerce brand via Google these days, you should not only rely on the classic Google Ads setup, but also establish other campaign types such as push marketing, that affect your business beyond the bottom line. 

In this online workshop, Lukas Beilmann (Co-Founder & Head of Performance @ Beilmann Marketing) and Max Rast (Co-Founder & CEO @ Klar) will give you hands-on guidance on how to set up the two most important levers intelligently and accurately, keep them in balance and make your Google setup ready for scaling. 


Max Rast

Max Rast

Co-Founder & CEO @ Klar

Max is Co-Founder & CEO at Klar and launched the "eCom Unity", Europe's biggest closed community of eCommerce founders and senior operators.

With 12 years in eCommerce, he's a seasoned expert, having previously served as CMO at yfood, where he built up and expanded the marketing team and entered 9 new markets. Now at Klar, he drives growth for eCommerce brands by providing tailored Data Reporting and Attribution software, enabling DTC brands to uncover valuable insights and achieve profitable growth.

Lukas Beilmann

Lukas Beilmann

Co-Founder & Head of Performance @ Beilmann Marketing

Lukas co-founded Beilmann Marketing back in 2019, an eCommerce focused agency producing and managing Google & YouTube ads for DTC brands like Loop Earplugs, mammaly or Sternglas.

Lukas's approach combines strategic insight with technical expertise, having built up an enormous knowledge of how brands can grow strategically leveraging Google channels, which makes him one of the thought leaders in his field.