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4 months ago

eCom Unity x KnoCommerce: How To Maximize Your Customer Insights Through Post-Purchase-Surveys


Zero-party-data is a great way to read your customer’s mind at scale. Because not everything your customer does or thinks on his buyer journey can be reflected in a trackable click in your ad or shop platforms. To understand why the customer finally buys, which affects how you should steer your marketing mix, you need to ask him the right questions - using Post-Purchase-Surveys (PPS).

Max, Co-Founder & CEO of Klar (eCom Attribution & Reporting), & Jeremiah, CEO of KnoCommerce (PPS tool) will give hands on advice on:

  • How Post-Purchase-Surveys work & why you should use them
  • Best Practices on which questions to ask and how to integrate PPS into your attribution and leverage those insights for optimizing your marketing mix
  • How to leverage PPS for CRO, CX, product development and creative strategy
  • The future of KnoCommerce - what’s in the pipeline?


Max Rast

Max Rast

Co-Founder & CEO @ Klar

Max is Co-Founder & CEO at Klar and launched the "eCom Unity", Europe's biggest closed community of eCommerce founders and senior operators.

With 12 years in eCommerce, he's a seasoned expert, having previously served as CMO at yfood, where he built up and expanded the marketing team and entered 9 new markets. Now at Klar, he drives growth for eCommerce brands by providing tailored Data Reporting and Attribution software, enabling DTC brands to uncover valuable insights and achieve profitable growth.

Jeremiah Prummer

Jeremiah Prummer

CEO @ KnoCommerce

Jeremiah Prummer, CEO of KnoCommerce, is leading the charge in innovating how eCommerce brands utilize zero-party data. His experience in building his own eCommerce business flows into how he's building KnoCommerce's Post-Purchase-Survey Tool, aiding DTC brands in understanding their customers and using those insights for scaling their businesses.