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2 months ago

[Webinar] GraphQL Security


Join Uri Goldshtein, founder of the Guild, and Tristan Kalos, CEO and co-founder at Escape, for a webinar on the challenges of GraphQL security.

During this live discussion, they will explore the critical aspects of securing GraphQL APIs, addressing common vulnerabilities, sharing their experiences and discussing best practices for ensuring strong security measures. Additionally, Uri and Tristan will share their insights into emerging threats in the GraphQL ecosystem and strategies for mitigating them effectively.

Our goal is to make this webinar highly engaging, so don't be shy! Come and ask your questions via chat! šŸ˜‰


Tristan Kalos

Tristan Kalos

CEO @ Escape

Co-founder and CEO of Escape - API Security platform, the first company that provides developers and security teams the right tooling for building safe, scalable, and compliant APIs

Uri  Goldshtein

Uri Goldshtein

Founder of The Guild

A GraphQL TSC and GraphQL Foundation member. Co-Founder and CEO of The Guild, the largest open-source group in the GraphQL ecosystem. The group maintains many open source libraries in Yoga Server, GraphQL Mesh, GraphQL Code Generator, Hive and more..