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8 months ago

How To Improve Employer Brand with Transparency


How To Improve Employer Brand With Transparency

Join us for an essential journey on how to improve employer brand with transparency, and how it will affect your 2024 compensation strategy in our new webinar.

📅 Tuesday 21st November

🕒 1:00 CET / 12:00 BST

In our next webinar, we look at how to ensure you don't get left behind with the EU Pay Transparency Directive, what pay transparency currently looks like in European companies, and how the gender pay gap affects tenure and attrition.

🔍 What to Expect:

✨ How to approach pay transparency, and the EU Transparency Directive

🌐 How will different countries react

🦸 How will it affect employer branding

💡 Actionable insights from our compensation experts

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Marcus Merheim

Marcus Merheim

Founder, Hooman

Adam Horne

Adam Horne

Co-Founder, Open Org

Virgile Raingeard

Virgile Raingeard

CEO, Figures