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14 days ago

45 minutes to fix your startup’s positioning


(so your prospects finally understand what you do)

What do marketers, copywriters, and content creators have in common?

They all struggle with positioning (explaining what their product does).

And of course they do — it's one of the hardest parts of finding Product/Market Fit.

To help you out, we decided to call in an expert 📞

(Read to the end for a surprise 🎁)

Anthony's the #1 Product Marketing content creator on LinkedIn — and the Co-founder of FletchPMM (he's also a rock star 🤘).

Join Anthony and Maxim on July 2nd at 2:15PM GMT (10:15 EST) for the least boring webinar on startup positioning you'll ever attend.

1. "Who's that SaaS?"

→ Think you know your SaaS? Come test your skills.

2. Results (and why positioning is hard)

→ Learn how and why startups fail to get their positioning right.

3. Positioning exercise

→ Anthony will share a framework to evaluate/improve your positioning.

4. Landing page breakdown 🎁

→ Anthony and will break down randomly selected landing pages from chat. Come drop yours in the chat to enter the giveaway!

5. Q&A

→ Ask Anthony anything (yes anything) — Maxim will be there too if you want to ignore him.

Come learn everything you need to position your startup (and have a good time while you're at it).

Can't make it live? Register to get the replay.


Anthony Pierri

Anthony Pierri

Founder @FletchPMM

Maxim Poulsen

Maxim Poulsen

Head of Growth @Contrast