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24 days ago

The Future of Global Mobility


Are you prepared to tackle global mobility challenges in the shifting 2024 landscape? Join us online on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, at 17:00 (CET) and get the latest insights on navigating the evolving landscape of global mobility from leading industry experts.

What you will learn:

  • How to strategically adjust talent management approaches to align with current economic and geopolitical shifts
  • Stay informed about the changing landscape of relocation policies to ensure compliance and efficiency
  • Embrace technology advancements to streamline global mobility processes, prioritize employee well-being, and optimize cost-effective relocation solutions.

Learn from industry leaders in global mobility and engagement, such as Kirill Aksenov - Mobility and Immigration Lead at Miro, a seasoned expert in managing relocation and geo expansion for fast-growing IT companies, Wouter Van den Berg - Director at Deloitte Netherlands, specializing in corporate finance and strategy with nearly 20 years of experience in guiding companies through various aspects of global mobility, and Marieke van Iperen - CEO & Co-Founder at Settly, an experienced professional specializing in talent mobility and acquisition.

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Marieke van Iperen

Marieke van Iperen

CEO and Co-Founder @ Settly

Marieke is the CEO and Co-Founder of Settly, a digital relocation solution. Before Settly, she worked in HR Leadership and Recruitment roles for 15+ years globally for Uber, Starbucks, PwC, Manpower & Nike. At Settly, Marieke helps companies attract and retain international talent through its relocation and soft landing platform. As a trusted advisor for companies such as Miro, Personio, Dept, Optiver, and Bynder, she is well-placed to share market insights and best practices to help HR teams create winning strategies for international talent.

Kirill Aksenov

Kirill Aksenov

Mobility & Immigration Lead @ Miro

Kirill is a Mobility & Immigration Lead at Miro, an online collaborative whiteboard platform enabling distributed teams to work effectively. Before Miro, he worked as Global Mobility lead in companies in different sectors - universities, IT enterprises, and even government agencies for 11+ years, always managing relocation and geo expansion topics. Like many other fast-growing IT companies, Miro demands a high number of knowledgeable workers, and a smooth and efficient relocation process is a key to business success. Kirill will share Miro's best practices and insights from company growth from 250 employees to 2000 in just 3 years.

Wouter Van den Berg

Wouter Van den Berg

Director @ Deloitte, Netherlands

Wouter is a seasoned advisor in Deloitte's Global Employer Services with 20 years of experience. He has dedicated his career to aiding multinational clients with global mobility issues. As Director, he leads large global engagements, guides companies in various aspects of global mobility - including traditional areas like tax, social security, pensions, and visas, and also has experience in strategic aspects like talent development, policy formulation, service delivery model design and implementation. He is recognized and known for spotting opportunities and relationship-building. Wouter holds a degree in Fiscal Economics and is a member of the Dutch Tax Lawyer Association.