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5 months ago

Breaking the Silence Around Mental Health


National Take Time to Talk Day

Join us for a special masterclass on National Take Time to Talk Day, where we will explore the importance of breaking the silence around mental health. This session will provide a safe and supportive environment to discuss mental health challenges, reduce stigma, and promote open conversations. Topics covered in this masterclass include:

·     Recognising the impact of mental health on individuals and society

·     Discussing stigma and stereotypes

·     Strategies for promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace and beyond

·     Effective communication techniques for discussing mental health

·     Creating a culture of empathy, understanding, and inclusivity

·     Self-care, practising what you preach

·     Measuring success

·     Resources and tools

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a meaningful conversation and contribute to a more supportive and compassionate society. Together, we can break the silence and make a difference.