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about 2 months ago

Goal Setting and Unlocking Motivation


Join our co-founder Connor McManus for our masterclass on "Goal Setting & Motivation," where you'll discover the keys to unlocking your physical health during the upcoming summer months. Connor has over 10’000 personal training hours and holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes to goals and motivation. During this session, he will delve into:

  1. Purposeful Goals: Learn to set clear, inspiring goals aligned with your values.
  2. Motivational Drivers: Understand what truly motivates you and how to harness it.
  3. Effective Planning: Master strategies for planning and executing your goals.
  4. Overcoming Obstacles: Tackle procrastination and self-doubt head-on with practical techniques.
  5. Sustainable Motivation: Discover how to maintain long-term enthusiasm and resilience.
  6. Personalised Systems: Develop a goal-setting system tailored to your needs.
  7. Inspire Others: Learn how to empower others to pursue their goals.

By the end, you'll emerge with clarity, confidence, and a roadmap to achieving your goals.