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2 months ago

Shaping the Workforce of the Future: Leadership Edition


In the latest episode of our HumanOS heroes series I was joined by the wonderful Niki Avraam, a legal entrepreneur with a rich background in employment and discrimination law.

Niki’s journey has been distinguished by litigating high-profile cases and founding the London law firm, Howat Avraam Solicitors.

Niki Avraam stands at the forefront of a transformative movement in leadership and workplace evolution. Her approach defies convention, challenging the established norms across various industries. Niki firmly believes that by instilling a sense of ownership in our roles, we become architects of our own careers, steering our organisations towards unprecedented success.

In this conversation aimed specifically at the managers and leaders on the HumanOS platform we cover:

  • Niki's unconventional journey through law
  • Accidental managers and the consequences
  • How do we shape the work of the future
  • How do we ensure people feel significant and the role of recognition
  • Ownership culture - autonomy and agency
  • Preferred discomforts - working outside our comfort zones
  • Leading authentically
  • Bringing diversity to work