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10 months ago

Why become a UK payment systems indirect participant


Any fintech addressing the UK market needs access to Bacs and FPS.

By becoming Bacs and FPS participants, fintech companies can increase their control on payments and customer onboarding, reduce their payment costs and issue their own account numbers.

While not well known, indirect access is the most efficient way to become Bacs and FPS participant while keeping time-to-market, investments and operational costs down.

In this webinar, our panel will cover:

  • Why becoming a Bacs and FPS indirect participant
  • How the become a Bacs and FPS indirect participant
  • Choosing your sponsor bank

Join us alongside our expert panel to learn everything and Bacs and FPS indirect access:

  • Mike Chambers, payment expert, former CEO of Bacs, CHAPS and FPS
  • Kaspar Loog, Direct of Product Management at LHV


Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers

Former CEO @ Bacs, CHAPS and FPS

Kaspar Loog

Kaspar Loog

Director of Product Management @ LHV