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about 1 month ago

AMA with Z: Increasing UXR maturity through Design & Research Ops


Join us on June 13 for an AMA with Z Zheng, Head of Design Ops at Cloudflare. Z will be discussing how to increase UXR maturity through Design and Research Ops.

✅ Register now to join us for an exciting discussion on topics like:

🤔 What is Design Ops & why it's important

💪 What mature Design & Research Ops functions look like

🤝 The relationship between Design Ops and Research Ops

🙋Your questions! Submit questions you'd like Z to answer live here.

👉 As a Design Ops leader at Cloudflare, Z plays a pivotal role in crafting and optimizing the design practice to ensure the success of the product experience team. Z's collaborative efforts with product experience leadership have been instrumental in the growth and evolution of teams, facilitating impactful hiring and retention, and advocating for the business value of design throughout the organization.

Beyond the corporate realm, Z is a dedicated educator and entrepreneur, passionately involved in mentoring the next generation of designers and contributing to the creation of mission-driven products.


Z Zheng

Z Zheng

Head of Design Ops at Cloudflare

Lauren Gibson

Lauren Gibson

Content Marketing @ Rally

Lauren leads marketing and content at Rally, where she is dedicated to connecting and amplifying the voices of the User Research and Research Ops community.