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about 2 months ago

Turn a Webinar into a Month of Content (with Ai) ✨


Creating a webinar takes a LOT of time. Finding a guest speaker, writing the script, creating your presentation, marketing the registration page, hosting the event, answering questions… It adds up.

Settling just for the replay isn't enough.

Webinars make for great core content pieces — full of authentic moments, personal experiences, anecdotes, numbers and more.

This webinar will cover:

  • Tips for creating webinars that are easier to repurpose
  • How to repurpose your webinars in 2 clicks:
  • Short viral clips
  • Blog articles
  • Newsletters
  • Social posts
  • How to get ideas for future webinars

🔴 We'll show some real-life Repurpose Ai action LIVE with Contrast customers

Everything you need to know to improve the ROI of your webinar strategy.

Join us on April 4th @2PM GMT for this Masterclass in webinar repurposing.


Maxim Poulsen

Maxim Poulsen

Growth @Contrast

Olivia Oberle Ruiz

Olivia Oberle Ruiz

Marketing Director @airfocus