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3 months ago

Create once – distribute forever


In the dynamic world of marketing, the pressure to constantly churn out new and shiny content can be overwhelming. What if we told you that you're sitting on a goldmine of untapped potential right now?

Your website is a treasure trove – blog posts, articles, landing pages, whitepapers, case studies, and press releases. The secret lies not in creating new content but in leveraging what you already have. Join us as we demystify the myth that marketing success requires constant reinvention and showcase the power of repurposing your existing content.

Join our marketing team as we unveil our secret weapon – the 90-10 rule. Learn how we efficiently allocate resources by repurposing 90% of our social content from existing materials. This not only saves us time and money but also ensures that our messaging is consistent, powerful, and resonates with our audience.

What You'll Gain:

  • Insight into the art of leveraging existing content for maximum impact.
  • A firsthand look at AI-powered content transformation.
  • Strategies to incorporate video seamlessly into your distribution plan.
  • Real-world examples of the 90-10 rule in action and its transformative effects.

Why Attend:

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to our revolutionary AI. Witness how with a single URL, you can effortlessly generate five engaging videos in just a minute.

Learn how to create once and distribute forever, saving time, resources, and unlocking the full potential of your existing content.


Heidi Bordal

Heidi Bordal

Community & Event Manager at Storykit

Hi, I'm Heidi, Community & Event Manager at Storykit. In my bi-weekly webinar series, I share insights, tips and tricks and inspiration about content distribution, social media, and everything in between. Welcome to join me!