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about 1 month ago

Real faces, real impact: Learn how to add authentic faces and footage to your videos without stress


Today, authenticity is key to resonating with viewers. Showing the real people behind your brand can greatly strengthen your audience bond. This session aims to simplify the transition from stock imagery to authentic content, providing you with practical tips and creative ideas.

What you'll learn:

  • Learn straightforward ways to start incorporating authentic faces and behind-the-scenes footage into your videos, perfect for beginners.
  • Delve into various video formats, including silent interviews and dynamic quotes
  • Discover how to blend real footage with stock images for authentic yet manageable content creation

Ready to infuse your video content with authentic faces and real-life footage but not sure where to begin? Join our 45-minute webinar to effortlessly integrate genuine human elements into your social media videos, forging stronger connections with your audience.

Regardless of your experience with video production, you'll leave equipped to enhance your social media with engaging, genuine content.


Heidi Bordal

Heidi Bordal

Community & Event Manager at Storykit

Hi, I'm Heidi, Community & Event Manager at Storykit. In my bi-weekly webinar series, I share insights, tips and tricks and inspiration about content distribution, social media, and everything in between. Welcome to join me!