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about 1 month ago

Talking head videos: effortless creation for social media


If you have interviews, podcasts, or webinars in your archive, you are sitting on a social media content gold mine. But transcribing, editing, and subtitling videos have always been one of the most dreaded tasks in video production. Until now.

Join Heidi for an actionable 40-minute session where you will learn about:

  • How to add talking head clips to your videos to showcase expertise, establish thought leadership, and connect with your audience
  • One thing you need to stop doing if you want to see better results from this kind of content
  • A repurposing framework you can start using today to see more value 

Discover the benefits of incorporating talking head videos into your social media strategy. Learn how to seamlessly clip the best parts of your podcast together and add b-rolls, extra slides, and subtitles, all with minimal effort.

Do you have talking head clips ready to share on social media? Join us and get started we will show you how to make the process smooth and simple. Let's bring your content to life.


Heidi Bordal

Heidi Bordal

Community & Event Manager at Storykit

Hi, I'm Heidi, Community & Event Manager at Storykit. In my bi-weekly webinar series, I share insights, tips and tricks and inspiration about content distribution, social media, and everything in between. Welcome to join me!