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2 months ago

Customer Insight Series: featuring TreviPay


In this exclusive interview, Daniel Simmons, Lead VoIP Architect at TreviPay, shares invaluable insights into their journey of transitioning to the cloud.

Discover how TreviPay, a leading player in the B2B fintech space, successfully migrated its voice infrastructure to the cloud and the impact it continues to have on their operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about TreviPay's evolution from its inception to becoming a cloud-centric organization.
  • Explore the critical role of telephony in the TreviPay business model and its significance in ensuring seamless transactions.
  • Gain insights into Daniel's role as a VoIP Architect and his team's responsibilities in managing cloud platforms.
  • Understand the transition process from on-premises systems to a fully cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of managing a global workforce spread across diverse locations.
  • Get expert advice on navigating security concerns and ensuring regulatory compliance in a cloud-based telephony system.


Randy Layman

Randy Layman

Chief Technology Officer, AVOXI

Daniel Siemens

Daniel Siemens

Lead VoIP Engineer, TreviPay