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4 months ago

Customer Insight Series: feat ICC BPO


Navigating the Transformation: Best practices for transitioning to and managing contact center voice in the cloud.

Join AVOXI’s CMO, Mike Kaplan and ICC BPO's IT Manager, Alberto Galindo to discover how ICC established a thriving cloud based BPO model during the pandemic, rapidly growing to nearly 1,000 employees within a year.
- Learn how ICC leverages AVOXI's virtual numbers for swift team setup and client onboarding, enhancing productivity and client satisfaction.
- Explore how ICC utilizes voice analytics to ensure quality interactions and proactively address issues, setting a benchmark for service excellence.
- Gain insights into ICC's proactive IT support and customer service differentiation, fostering trust and loyalty in a competitive market.
- Understand ICC's adaptive strategies for operational efficiency and collaboration, ensuring continued growth and success in the dynamic contact center landscape.
- Uncover future innovations, including AI integration for enhanced voice analytics and real-time service quality enhancement, shaping the future of contact center operations.



Mike Kaplan

Chief Marketing Officer


Alberto Galindo

IT Manager