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2 months ago

Billion Dollar Data Streams: How Real-Time Data Accelerates Revenue


This Valentine’s Day, join us for the marriage of Real-Time Streaming ❤️  Cloud Data Warehouse

Confluent and Kafka are the foundation of real-time use cases and lightning-fast customer engagement. With Census and Materialize, marrying real-time and historical data out-of-the-box to power business action is easier than ever. In this live session, our technical experts will discuss:


  • Innovations in Real-Time Data — Seamlessly integrating data streams with any data warehouse with Reverse ETL
  • Bridging the Data Divide — Powering all operational, analytical, and SaaS use cases with high-quality, real-time data activation
  • Real-Time Business Use Cases — Personalizing every touchpoint in real-time, live omnichannel retail experiences, and boosting customer engagement with geotargeting
  • Technical Teams as Growth Teams — Transforming your data infrastructure into a growth engine and proving impact on revenue growth

 Join us live to be entered in a raffle to win a $250 romantic dinner for you and your partner. 🥰 


Boris  Jabes

Boris Jabes

CEO and Co-Founder, Census

Jeremy Hogan

Jeremy Hogan

Staff Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Marta Paes

Marta Paes

Senior Product Manager, Materialize