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26 days ago

Productivity in Sales : The art of working smarter not harder


Productivity isn't just a buzzword that should be thrown around without any real meaning, it should be at the core of every Sales operation. Put simply, it is a measure of efficiency.

If you and your team could benefit from strategies and tools to maximise; output, revenue, deals closed, client interactions and much more, then this webinar is not to be missed.

Join us on the 20th of June with Sales Productivity thought leader Laura-Jade Harries as we delve into the art of working smarter not harder.


Laura-Jade Harries

Laura-Jade Harries

Director at EQ Sales

Laura is on a mission to change sales culture. After facing challenges when developing her skills as a sales rep, and then without the right support as a leader, EQ Sales was born to change that and help revolutionise sales productivity.